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Are you completing a full import declaration when your goods are imported? Do you understand the requirements of a Supplementary Declaration?

Familiarise yourself with the UK Global Tariff which establishes the tariff rate on imports.

A GB EORI number will be needed to import goods from Europe. If you are responsible for importing from Northern Ireland you will also require an XI EORI number.  Also, if you are responsible for completing the import customs declarations in any other EU member state you sell to, you also need an EU EORI number.

A health certificate or licence may be needed when you import certain products such as animals, animal products and excise goods.

Key Steps

Use the UK Global Tariff to find out if/what rates apply based on your commodity codes and rules of origin.


Check whether your goods are ‘controlled’ and as such normal rules for making import declarations will now apply.  Click here

Check the INCOTERMS in your sales contract to find out if you will be responsible for import declarations.

Key Updates & Links

  • To obtain an EORI number, click here.
  • For a flowchart on importing goods, click here.
  • If you plan on importing from Northern Ireland, sign up for the Traders Support Service here.
  • Check out our events page to register for any EU Events.
  • Use the Brexit Checker Tool.

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